Mental Space

Oct 19, 2020 9:40 PM

Mental Space

It can be hard to justify space for self, especially during work hours. If your anything like me, I'm driven to be as efficient and productive with my day as possible. This high achieving effort though can spell burnout. Just as with eating and exercising, balance and consistency are key in being successful long term.

For me, it meant carving out time to get on the bike and grind it out with a quick afternoon ride. A key alarm for me today was a fogginess or lack of motivation to do the work. So I decided to jump on my bike and enjoy the cool overcast afternoon a bit. When I came back, the work was still there, but my mind and body was ready and open to it. And guess, what...things got done. No one got hurt.

Now it may not always be a quick ride. Other times it's looked like cracking open a book. Reading some articles I've been meaning to get to. Watching some video tuts. Or just going on a quick walk. The idea is to build in quick and consistent moments that help our minds to compile and reset. Grinding it out for at all hours day in and day out will not lead to more productivity or quality.