Using Notion to build my personal site.

Jul 14, 2020 5:05 AM

Using Notion to build my personal site.

There are many different tools out on the market today. I'm a huge fan of Webflow. I have used to mainly to prototype concepts for web designs. I have attempted several times to begin carving out my personal digital space using Webflow, but always fell short of following through. When I step back, I think it's the pressure to produce something so unique and original. I get overwhelmed with the thought of all the options!

I started using Notion a few months ago to record what I did every day at work. I used to use Paper to do this, but I could see the potential of Notion and wanted to explore using it. I figured keeping it simple and figuring out a system for note taking would be a great transition into learning more about the capabilities of Notion.

Notion is a tool that has seemingly endless combinations, one of the best and most challenging things. It occured to me that I could potentially creating an internal site pretty easily that would adapt to mobile and desktop environments and everything in between. I would be able to access from anywhere to make edits or add to it. So I started it. It's live now.

It's only taking a couple of hours of effort at this point and I have something very tangible and original. I have something that I'm confident I can maintain and stay creative with for years to come. Very excited to continue explore just what Notion can do.

Take a moment to visit it now if you got to this post from a link.


Ryan Tauss